Accelerate Your Business Growth With Simplified strategies?

The ‘DAGBS’ Community provides you with knowledge, tools and support to quickly adapt digital age business growth strategies to your business and be one of the top 5% profiting out of each new business strategies in this fast moving digitally driven world.


In a fast-paced digital-driven world, wealth is shifting really fast. Shifting to those who can innovate, adapt and move at the speed of change. 

Business modalities are gradually changing 
Consumer behaviour is changing
Even digital platforms are changing 

The trends are spiralling so fast. As a business owner, it could be a bit hard catching up. Moreover, you have your core business to run and it’s realistically not possible to keep a tab on every trend, business growth strategies and digital innovations coming out every day. 

Business owners in fact, often ask me these questions:

How do I adapt to these changes?
How do I even know what is changing per time?
Can I see the changes other businesses owners are making?
Who do I talk to if there are challenges with getting result?
Are there hacks and researched tool kits that can I can adopt?
Won't this derail me from focusing on my core business?

There is 2 major way out

1. You either spend tons of hours to constantly search and keep tabs on these changes, trends and patterns and strategically break them down into strategies to grow your business. But, can you afford the time?

2. Another alternative is to hire a professional (who does this as their day job) to help you make sense of it all and also guide you to leveraging them for your business growth. For example, a 1-hour clarity and strategy call with Oluwamayowa is $125 per hour. All of this cost a lot of money. 

But, there is a more affordable alternative…


Introducing ' Digital Age Business Growth Strategies (DABGS)'

Would you choose to buy 1 Pizza or 
Month DABGS Subscription

What Is DABGS:

DABGS Community is a safe place to learn latest business strategies that will accelerate your business growth (particularly digitally driven strategies) and also get help if you feel stuck applying them to your business while getting inspired by the result other community members are getting from theirs. 

What you would have gotten from paying a highly skilled professional heavily, you get by simply subscribing to the membership fee.

Who is ‘DABGS’ for?

Who Are The Type of People We Accept?
  1. Business owners / CEO / Startup Founders
  2. Business development executives 
  3. Business growth managers 
  4. Company Strategy officers 

Why Should You Join?

What are the benefits?
  1. The peace and assurance that comes with having a safe place to communicate your business challenges
  2. Benefit worth more than a $1,000 monthly
  3. Networking and collaboration like never before
  4. Be the first to know about new trends, opportunities and other benefits

You Are In Safe Hands:

Before starting his own consulting practice, Oluwamayowa founded tinklingd.com (a digital marketing agency who has worked with brands like BBC, Emirates Holiday and other major brands), then founded boldexponent.com (a software development company), helped thebusinesshq.net be one of the top 24 companies leading digital revolution in Africa hand picked by Alibaba Business School  and now leads business and innovation at Equilibrium Zone. He has delivered training for Google Digital Skiills Program, Facebook, She Leads Africa and Social Media Week Lagos. Read more about Oluwamayowa.

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Monthly Webinar & Community Activity  Schedule for Q3 & Q4 2020 

July 2020 – Transitioning From Brick & Mortar To Digital Business Management
  • Week 1 – Getting Started With Selling Online: Totally FREE Channels and Platforms To Drive Sales For Your Business Online
  • Week 2 – Getting Started With Selling Online: How To Build An Online Marketing Plan That Drive Massive Sales
  • Week 3 – Tech’ing Your Business: How To Determine Which Technology Tools Can Aid Your Business Activities
  • Week 3 – Tech’ing Your Business: Long Term and Short Term Pitfalls To Avoid When Adopting Technology To Your Business Activities
August 2020 – Business Structure: Getting Set For Scale While Ensuring Business Sustainability
September 2020 – Automation: Claiming Back Your Free Time By Outsourcing Repetitive Boring Task Of Your Business To Digital Tools
October 2020 – Business Data & Decision Making: Leading With Data
November 2020 – Holiday Sales: Strategy to Plan your Black Friday & End of Year Sales
December 2020 – Planning Your New Business Year: Analysing 2020 & Planning 2021

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