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My name is Oluwamayowa Oshidero, my journey and work have been about transforming people, organizations and communities. From creating a community on campus with 20,000 users in the first 6 months, to opening up the tech and digital leverage space in Ibadan, Nigeria’s third most populous city, and now building an innovation company which hopes to support companies that will create up to 1 Million decent works for African youths in 10 years.

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Digital and Business Transformation Specialist

Oluwamayowa is a detailed, thorough, innovative and resilient professional with a passion for transforming people, communities and businesses.


He has a proven determination and record in helping brands achieve their business goals through business process optimization, brand & business strategy, strategic repositioning, market segmentation & penetration, digital marketing, customers retention, digital transformation and technology leverage. He has consulted for top executives, managers and entrepreneurs across major industries and sectors including the BBC Connected Studio UK, Emirates Holiday Nigeria, Sunway Estate, SmartFarm, Lifemate Furniture Nigeria, Tristate Hospital, University of Lagos, Seed of Life Schools and many more.


He is actively involved in delivering capacity-building initiatives through training, masterclasses, boot camps and online courses. He has led training for brands like Google Digital Skills Program, Facebook, She Leads Africa, Social Media Week Lagos, NYSC SAED program and many more.


His works and content have been featured on prominent platforms.


He is the Founder & CEO of Equilibrium Zone, a social enterprise providing services for innovative businesses solving emerging digital age needs. Equilibrium Zone’s big goal is to create, advise, grow and in the long term invest in businesses with huge potential to empower African youths with decent jobs (directly or indirectly) in a bid to drive economic prosperity.


Oluwamayowa is the host of the ‘StartUp Insights’ Podcast, where he catches up with the best talents of startups across the world to talk about strategies and ideas for other upcoming startups can leverage to grow theirs. The conversations centre around growth, operations and everything in between.

Keynote Speaker & Expert Trainer

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Oluwamayowa is a professional speaker and corporate trainer with presentation and on-stage experience with over 5,000 trained.

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